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Hire the Right French-speaking Nanny in 2024

Defining your nanny requirements in 10 questions

At French Nanny Agency, we understand that finding the right nanny is a crucial decision. W you through the process, ensuring that your childcare needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism.


Here are 10 key things to consider when hiring a French-speaking nanny: 

1. Will you need a Part-Time or Full-Time French-speaking Nanny? 

  • The choice between a full-time or part-time nanny depends on factors such as your work schedule, budget, childcare needs, flexibility, and personal preferences.

  • If part-time, how many hours per week? How many days? Are you flexible on the hours and / or days?

2. Will you need a Live-In or Live-Out French-speaking Nanny? 

  • Live-in nannies offer more flexibility, making them suitable for families needing adaptable schedules, potentially longer hours, while those preferring greater privacy and standard work hours may lean toward a live-out arrangement.

  • A live-in nanny should be provided with a private bedroom and bathroom (sometimes shared with the children). A private self-contained living-space either within the family's property or in close proximity to it is the most popular with nannies.  

3. Days and Hours of Work?

  • Clearly outline the expected days and hours of work for your nanny. This includes any flexibility required to accommodate your family's unique schedule.

4. Duties?

5. Would you consider a Manny?

  • A "Manny" is a male caregiver who is hired to provide childcare services, similar to a traditional nanny but specifically male. The term "Manny" is a blend of "man" and "nanny." 

  • Some families may prefer a male caregiver for their children due to personal preferences or cultural reasons. Additionally, families with boys may specifically seek out a male role model for their children. Moreover, families may find that a Manny brings unique qualities or skills to the caregiving role that align with their family dynamics or interests. .

6. Qualifications vs. Practical Experience?

  • Will your nanny need specific qualifications (teacher background, Montessori diploma or certificate, SEN, etc..) or if you are open to candidates with substantial practical experience? French Nanny Agency ensures that all nannies meet our high standards.

7. Shared Care or Sole Charge?

  • Clarify whether this is a shared care position where responsibilities are shared with one or both parents or a sole charge position where the nanny takes the lead in childcare.

8. Travelling with your nanny?

  • Will you need your French nanny to travel with your family abroad? Define frequency and duration. Is it a deal-breaker?

9. What is your Weekly Budget?

  • Establish a realistic budget for your nanny's salary. Our agency can provide guidance based on industry standards and specific qualifications or experience.

10. Would you consider a French-speaking nanny from other French-speaking countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg...).

  • French spoken in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and different regions of France features regional variations in vocabulary and pronunciation. However, the core language remains consistent with the same syntax, grammar and conjugation rules, making it essentially the same language.

Check our dedicated French Nanny Hire Toolkit​ for more resources on hiring a nanny. 

Once you have established the specific requirements you have for your French-speaking nanny, kindly complete our short client registration form to register your vacancy with our agency.

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