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French Nanny Placement Services in Monaco

Who are we?

French Nanny Agency is a premier nanny agency offering tailored childcare services to families on the French Riviera and internationally with offices in London and France. 

We specialise in providing highly qualified French and bilingual nannies and governesses who respect privacy, are flexible and capable of integrating into staffed homes, fulfilling the unique needs of affluent and high-profile clients.

Finding a Nanny in Monaco 

What are the local services we offer?

Our services extend to live-in, temporary, live-out nannies, tutors and and governesses as well as childcare for yachts, hotels and private events.  

Why us?

Within its vibrant districts, from the historic charm of Monaco-Ville to the bustling glamour of Monte Carlo, we understand that our clients are exceptional and diverse as the region itself.


We recognise that the successful individuals and families we serve each have their distinctive set of values, expectations and lifestyles. This understanding is the cornerstone of our bespoke nanny placement service.


  • No registration fee or hidden fees

  • One month's trial period

  • Selection of highly experienced nannies / governesses


Nanny Salaries in Monaco 

Nanny salaries in Monaco are determined by market rates and are negotiated between the nanny and the employing family.

As a general starting point, nannies in Monaco can expect a net salary starting at £1,000 net per week, which serves as a baseline in the local industry. 

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French Nanny Agency Monaco

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