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French Nanny Agency Los Angeles 

Who are we?

French Nanny Agency is an international premier nanny agency offering tailored childcare services to families in Los Angeles and internationally with offices in London (UK) and Paris (France). 

We specialise in providing highly qualified French, bilingual nannies and governesses who respect privacy, are flexible and capable of integrating into staffed homes, fulfilling the unique needs of affluent and high-profile clients.

Hiring a Nanny in Los Angeles 


What are the services we offer in LA?

  • French and bilingual nannies and Newborn Care Specialists 

  • ​Travel Nannies​, Rota nannies, Montessori Nannies. 

Why us?

We understand that each of the accomplished individuals and families we serve has their own unique set of values, expectations, and lifestyles.  

We focus on carefully matching our nannies with your family’s specific needs, ensuring a fit that is both harmonious and beneficial.


Our commitment is to provide a personalised service that seamlessly integrates into the distinct rhythm of your family life in Los Angeles, catering to your requirements with the utmost precision and care.



Nanny salaries in Los Angeles 

Full-time professional nannies in Los Angeles typically earn $30-$45 per hour, with compensation packages often including 2 weeks of paid vacation, paid holidays and sick days, and a health insurance stipend. 

Gross paid salary varies between $80,000 and $110,000k++ gross per year according to experience and skills. 

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French Nanny Agency Los Angeles 

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Opening Hours

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