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French Nanny Agency

At French Nanny Agency, our mission is simple: connecting discerning families with highly experienced French-speaking nannies who go beyond basic childcare. We are curators of joyful moments, language immersion, and lasting connections.

The journey of French Nanny Agency began with a vision to redefine the standards in childcare placement by embracing innovation and authenticity,  Unlike many agencies that may rely on outdated recruitment practices, we chose to chart a different course. 

We are passionate about people, our candidates, the families we serve, the stories shared with us. We genuinely love what we do. Every experience, every new adventure, every skill gained along the way. It's all precious and it's a privilege to be part of it.


We also understand what a highly experienced nanny can bring to the table. It is our mission to find these wonderful professionals and we put our soul and heart into it. We always see ourselves as gems hunters, eagerly seeking out those special candidates who bring a unique sparkle to the world of childcare.

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