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Frequently Asked Questions for Nannies.

How do I apply to become a French nanny with your agency?

You can start by submitting an online application through our website. We carefully review each application and contact candidates whose profiles match our clients' requirements.

What qualifications do I need to have to become a nanny through your agency?

We generally look for candidates with relevant childcare experience, certifications in childcare or education, and a strong command of the French language. Each position may have specific requirements, which we will discuss during the application process.

Do you place nannies only in London or also internationally?

We place French-speaking nannies in London and overseas.

How does your agency assess a nanny's language proficiency in French?

We typically conduct informal language assessments during the application process to gauge a nanny's proficiency in French. This ensures that they can effectively communicate with both children and parents in a French-speaking environment.

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