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International Nanny Agency in France - Paris and Overseas

French Nanny Agency specialises in providing top French-speaking nannies, governesses and maternity nurses or newborn care specialists  to families in France and overseas. We focus on long-term, full-time placements and offer both live-in and live-out options, as well as after-school nanny services for families in Paris. 

All our candidates must have a minimum of three years of childcare experience before being considered for a role. 

We select nannies by assessing their childcare experience, personality, and cultural fit to ensure they align with your family's needs. 

Nanny Salaries in France

Here's a general outline of the starting salary ranges, which are applicable for a work schedule of 5 days per week and 10-12 hours each day:


  • For a live-out nanny, the starting net monthly salary is typically between €2800 and €3500. 


  • Similarly, a live-in nanny can expect to start with a net monthly salary within the same range, from €2800 to €3500.


It's important to note that these figures are net, meaning they are what the nanny takes home after taxes and social security contributions have been deducted. As employers, families are responsible for handling the employment paperwork and ensuring the payment of all necessary taxes and social security contributions on behalf of their nanny.

French Nanny Salaries Overseas

For French International nannies, salary expectations may vary significantly based on their location of work around the globe. Consequently, families hiring French International nannies should be aware of and adjust the salary in accordance with these geographic factors.

***Net monthly salaries for nannies can fluctuate based on various factors, including age, experience, and specific employment conditions.

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