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French Nannies' Reference Checking

Tips on how to check your French nanny's references

Basic Details - Performance - Character 

We thoroughly screen all of our French-speaking nannies, but you may still wish to independently verify a nanny's suitability by contacting her references. When conducting reference checks, it's essential to delve beyond the basic employment details already covered by the agency and focus more on the nanny's character, personality, and work habits. 

Keep also in mind that some nannies might be caught in challenging work situations. Leaving a job doesn't always signal a lack of commitment or capability. A good employer will give an objective reference, even if they're emotionally attached to the nanny they lost. Look for balanced feedback and consider the bigger picture when making decisions for your family.

Here's a suggested approach built upon our 3 Pillar Approach: Basic Details, Performance, Character. Included are potential questions for a comprehensive reference check.

Basic Employment details 

  • Confirmation of Basic Details:

Can you confirm the accuracy of the nanny's provided information regarding their previous address, employment duration, and the ages of the children they cared for?

  • Reasons for Leaving Previous Employment and Notice Period:

Could you provide insights into why the nanny's employment with your family came to an end? Did the nanny give a notice period? This information can provide insights into the circumstances surrounding the departure.


Childcare Skills:

  • How well did the nanny handle developing and maintaining routines for sleeping and eating for your child? 


Relationship with Children:

  • How did the nanny behave with your children? Was she warm and engaging, or rather distant?

  • How did your children get along with the nanny? Were they comfortable with her, and did they enjoy their interactions?


French Language Proficiency and Teaching Skills:

  • Considering the nanny's French background, how would you rate their proficiency in French? 

  • Did the nanny take any specific initiatives to promote French language learning, such as incorporating songs or language games?

  • Have you noticed any changes in the children's language skills or comfort level in using French during the nanny's tenure?

Driving Skills (if applicable):

  • If the nanny was responsible for driving, can you provide feedback on their driving skills, safety, reliability, and any specific incidents?

Character and Interpersonal Skills


  • How did the nanny respond to constructive feedback from the parents?

Initiative and Proactivity

  • Can you provide examples of instances where the nanny demonstrated initiative in her daily responsibilities without explicit instructions?


Flexibility and Responsiveness:

  • Did you take the nanny on family holidays, and if so, how did the nanny handle the flexibility required? Were they responsive to your family's needs, especially regarding evening activities?

Final Insights and Recommendations

Final Thoughts:

  • Is there any additional information or insights you would like to share about the nanny's overall performance that we may not have covered?



  • Based on your experience, would you recommend the nanny for a similar position? 


This 3-pillar approach ensures that the reference check process is organised and efficient, allowing you to gather essential information in a logical sequence while covering the most critical aspects of the nanny's background and performance.

Check our dedicated French Nanny Hire Toolkit for more resources on hiring a nanny. 

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