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Courses for French Nannies 

Childcare Courses

At French Nanny Agency we always encourage our nannies to upgrade and update their skills. 

Babyem (London). 

Babyem offers a range of courses aimed at childcare professionals, including nannies and maternity nurses. Their programs often focus on practical skills and are designed to enhance the expertise of those working with babies and young children. 

  • OCN Level 3 Award in Maternity Nursing: This course focuses on maternity nursing skills, covering topics such as breastfeeding, sleep routines, and postnatal care.

  • CACHE Level 3 Award in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities: Relevant for nannies working with children who have learning disabilities.

  • Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training: Covers practical skills for supporting families during the postnatal period.

Norland College (Bath & online)

Norland College is based in the United Kingdom and is renowned for its long-standing history in childcare education.

  • BA (Hons) in Early Years Development and Learning: A degree program that combines academic study with practical training, preparing students for roles in childcare and early years education.

  • Norland Diploma in Early Years Education: This is a shorter, diploma-level course providing comprehensive training in early years education and childcare.

  • Professional Development Short Courses: Norland College offers various short courses on topics such as child nutrition, sleep routines, and behavior management.



Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori (London and online)

The Institute in London offers various teacher training courses face to face and online. Please check their website for further information. 

First Aid and Paediatric First Aid Certificate For Nannies

TigerLily Training (London) - Emergency Paediatric First Aid (1 day practical training) - Cost £95 (2024)

London School of Childcare Studies - You can choose between two courses the 6h or 12h course. We highly recommend the Full Level 3 Blended Paediatric First Aid Course (PFA12hr) - Cost  £109 (2024)

Babyem - Paediatric First Aid Course London - £112 (2024) for the 12 hour Blended Paediatric First Aid Course.

Croix Rouge Française - For French nannies residing in France and those who want the First Aid Course to be conducted in French. €60 Course from 9am to 7pm. Various Locations in France. 

Swimming and Water Safety

Royal Lifesaving Society

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