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Hiring a French Live In Nanny

French Live In Nanny Hire

Why Hire a French Live In Nanny?

Busy families choose to hire a live-in nanny for various reasons. Here’s why considering a live-in nanny might be the right choice for your family:


The care provided by a live-in nanny is steady, reliable, and follows a predictable pattern, which is beneficial for the children's sense of security and routine.


With a live-in nanny, you gain flexibility that other childcare solutions simply can’t match. Early mornings, late evenings, or changes in routine are typically easier to manage, as the caregiver resides in the home and can adapt to your schedule.



If you choose a French-speaking live-in nanny, your children will have the unique opportunity to learn a new language and culture organically, within the comfort of their own home.



Despite having set working hours, a live-in nanny is usually more readily available in times of need, can swiftly respond to emergencies, and often becomes a well-integrated member of the family. Furthermore, her schedule can be adjusted to accommodate the family's evolving needs, and she can provide steadfast support with homework and the children's activities.



Choosing a live-in nanny could be a transformative decision for your family, providing a blend of personalized care, flexibility, and security. While it is a substantial commitment, the unique benefits it offers make it an option worth considering for any family seeking reliable, in-home childcare.

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What is a Live In Nanny's Duties and Schedule?

Main Duties


Oversee and ensure the children's safety, engage in play and activities that promote development.


Educational Assistance

Help with homework and school projects, and foster educational pursuits.


Meal Preparation

Plan, prepare, and serve nutritious meals for the children.


Routine Management

Maintain children's daily routines, including hygiene, sleep schedules, and transportation to and from school or activities.


Light Housekeeping

Manage children-related household tasks such as laundry, tidying play areas, and organising children's rooms.



A live-in nanny usually works a structured schedule from Monday to Friday, which gives them and your family much needed time off on weekends.


It's recommended to hire a separate weekend nanny to ensure continuous care for your children and allow you to attend to your social or professional commitments. 

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