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Hiring a Maternity Nurse 

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What is a Maternity Nurse and when to hire one ?

A maternity nurse is a childcare professional specializing in the care of newborns and providing support to new mothers in the immediate postpartum period, typically encompassing infant care, mother care, and assistance with establishing feeding and sleeping routines.

Our Maternity Nurses are experienced Midwives, Registered Nurses and skilled Maternity Nannies, all dedicated to providing expert care for newborns and new mothers.

Maternity Nurses, also known as Baby Nurses or Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) provide an essential bridge between the hospital and home for new parents.


These professionals are typically certified and bring a wealth of knowledge in areas such as infant feeding and lactation, sleep training, navigating the postpartum period, handling multiples or premature infants, among other specialized skills.


Securing the services of a Maternity Nurse or NCS early, ideally upon confirmation of your due date, is recommended due to their high demand, with bookings filling up to a year in advance. This foresight not only guarantees the support of a well-matched caregiver but also affords you the peace of mind to savor your pregnancy and prepare for your growing family.


To understand more about securing the right Newborn Care Specialist for your needs, reach out to us.


What are the duties of a Maternity Nurse ?

The duties of a maternity nurse include:


  • Providing care for the newborn, such as bathing, changing, and dressing.

  • Assisting with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, including support for lactation issues.

  • Establishing sleep routines for the baby.

  • Monitoring the baby’s health and advising on when to seek medical attention.

  • Supporting the mother’s recovery post-delivery and providing guidance on postnatal care.

  • Educating and advising parents on infant care, including hygiene and safety.

  • Offering emotional support and reassurance to parents as they adapt to their new roles.


The role of a maternity nurse also involves contributing to the baby's development. She may take the baby for walks and engage in activities that promote growth and learning, as agreed upon with the parents.


Additionally, she maintains a clean and organized environment for the baby, including taking care of clothes, bedding, and baby care areas.


A daily diary is kept to record the baby's diet, sleep patterns, and any other pertinent information such as signs of illness, which is then communicated to the parents regularly.

Maternity Nurses FAQ

How long should I book my Maternity Nurse for?

The typical booking for a Maternity Nurse is 4 to 12 weeks, but it should be tailored to your specific needs and the level of support you require. A minimum booking for a Maternity Nurse is often 2 weeks, which allows time for the family to receive essential support and guidance immediately after the baby's arrival.

What is the schedule of a maternity nurse?

Maternity nurses are often flexible with their work patterns, typically being on call for 24 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. They are entitled to a continuous rest period of 3-4 hours during these 24 hours and need to be provided with a separate bedroom for their time off. While they concentrate solely on the baby's needs, they are not responsible for any siblings. Furthermore, many maternity nurses are willing to travel with families, providing consistent care even when away from home.

Can a Maternity Nurse travel with our family?

Yes, many Maternity Nurses are willing to travel with families, providing consistent care even when away from home.

Does a Maternity Nurse sleep?

Yes, a maternity nurse does sleep. While they are on call for 24 hours a day, they are usually entitled to a continuous rest period of about 3-4 hours during the 24-hour period. During their rest period, they should be provided with a separate bedroom. This arrangement allows them to be well-rested and alert while they are caring for the baby and supporting the family.

Hire a Maternity Nurse Today 

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